An S.O.S. From Sales Ops to Company Leadership

Posted by Patrick Seidell

November 17, 2013 at 7:00 AM

Listen up Chief Sales Officer.  Take note CEO, marketing leader and CIO.  It’s time that Sales Operations gets your undivided attention.  They are uniquely positioned to improve the performance of your organization.  Opportunity is ripe.  Take advantage and sail ahead.  Do nothing and risk running aground on the rocky shoreline.

Download the Leaders Guide to Sales Ops Enablement by clicking here.  Find out if your company is maximizing the benefits this team can deliver.

There are multiple reasons why Sales Ops needs your attention now.

    • Perspective: They have a ground-floor view of the essentials.  Sales, marketing, IT, strategy, operations and customer service.  Sales Ops hears it all and is involved in all in some way.  They know how it fits holistically.
    • Access: Although Sales Ops is within sales, they know all the people and the data.  Constantly peppered by the field, they know how the organization really operates.  When you need that summary report yesterday, Sales Ops is your go-to.  Billing problems for a client, they can help get it corrected.  Service issues, they have a line on resolution.
    • Impact: Sales Ops directly influences performance of the sales team.  Well-designed sales dashboards for reps and leaders.  Efficient allocation of personnel.  Territories and quotas that maximize output.  Compensation that drives performance.
    • Competence:  Sales ops teams have the right people to get the job done.  Often, sales, finance, marketing and IT professionals all converge in this group.  Great sales ops leaders orchestrate these resources like no one else.  Deployed correctly, this is like a Navy S.E.A.L. team to handle any situation.
    • Timing: The opportunity is now.  Two years ago might have been too early.  Next year is certainly too late.  The convergence of data, systems and processes needs your attention now.  Buyer changes demand your action today.

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