Channel Management

The Business Environment Dictates That Many Companies Must Operate in a Multi-Channel Global Economy.

Once a company has decided to use a professional sales force to perform some of the essential work, a question emerges: Should the selling be done by a company owned sales force, or, should the company employ a selling partner?

Channel management strategy is focused on channel selection, recruitment, on-boarding, and enabling an indirect selling partners to be productive.  Critical decisions need to be made regarding products, pricing, tiers, geographies, etc.

Best-In-Class Channel Management can Deliver these Benefits:

  1. Incremental revenue growth with a variable cost structure
  2. Improved coverage
  3. Access to inaccessible accounts
  4. Improved value proposition through partner value add

Channel Management Resources:

Webinar Recording: Gain Access to New Customers by Recruiting Better Channel Partners

World-Class Channel Partner Program Example

Greg's work and that of his firm is outstanding. He is a refreshing resource in the field of sales that really 'gets it!' From beginning to end he knows and understands the process and how to properly and accurately measure and manage it. A tremendous resource for the challenge in sales we all face.

Phillip Seeger,
President & CEO, Medcor, Inc.