Customers often consolidate vendors in an effort to forge more strategic relationships and reduce costs.

To satisfy their needs, you need to provide a key account manager as a single point of contact. Many sales organizations that have key account programs in place are typically running yesterday’s playbook. This results in declining revenues and frustrating the top customers.

Sales Benchmark Index (SBI) key account management program includes:

  • Account attractiveness scoring—We assess data to determine which accounts qualify for your key account program.
  • Key account quota setting—Our process assigns each key account a global quota based on potential spend.
  • Key account plan—A mobile app helps increase the productivity of your key account team by allowing real-time collaboration.
  • Key account management comp plan—An incentive compensation plan inspires higher performance in the field.
  • Key account organizational structure—An organizational model determines the number of key account managers needed and how to best deploy them.
  • Cross-sell revenue growth greater than 10%
  • Upsell revenue growth greater than 20%
  • Reductions in key account churn of 25%