It can be difficult to see clearly where the growth opportunities are. Conditions change frequently. You once understood how the customers want to buy and how the competitors chose to sell. No longer. Sales and marketing effectiveness used to be straight forward. Run a few marketing campaigns, train the sales force, tweak the comp plan, license a few software tools and presto- you make the number.

Yet, many executives find these programs have reached their point of diminishing returns. Looking for a fresh approach, sales and marketing leaders seek an objective perspective derived from a sales and marketing assessment.

SBI’s Sales and Marketing Assessment helps clients prioritize programs for growth by delivering the following items:

  • Sales and Marketing SWOT
  • Customer acquisition cost
  • Customer life time value
  • Critical success factors
  • Resource allocation assessment
  • Budget benchmark
  • Competitor assessment
  • SBI’s assessment offering is unique in that it does not stop at the gap analysis. It does not end upon producing a set of recommendations to close the identified gaps.

  • SBI’s sales and marketing assessment includes a plan to implement the recommendations. This empowers executives to make better decisions on which recommendations to implement. This implementation plan prioritizes recommendations based on quantified financial return, estimated level of effort, and probability of success.