The last mile plagues sales and marketing departments. The last mile is defined as the sales call. The moment of truth. A lot of work goes into generating interest in the mind of a buyer and in securing an appointment. Then the sales call happens and the tools used by the sales rep, and the words that come out of the sales reps mouth, varying from rep to rep. Leaving the last mile up to the sales reps to figure out will result in inconsistent, and ineffective, buyer experiences. This is one of the reasons rep revenue production varies greatly from rep to rep.

SBI helps you empower the sales team by producing the following items:

  • Sales enablement charter
  • Content development process
  • Mobile sales enablement playbook
  • Technology roadmap
  • Sales training program
  • Certification process
  • Gamification program
  • Coaching methodology
  • KPI dashboards

    The SBI approach to sales enablement is grounded in the field experience of our staff. It’s not the usual academic approach that strikes veteran sales people as irrelevant to their needs.

    SBI brings together the often fractured approach to sales enablement into one unified program that bridges marketing, sales, product management, learning and development, and human resources.