Understaffed sales teams miss opportunities and fall short of revenue goals. A bloated sales team increase costs and hinder profits.

Finding the ideal balance for sizing your sales team is a difficult challenge. Getting it right requires methodologies, tools, and above all, expertise you may lack.

Sales Benchmark Index (SBI) guides you through the sales force sizing process with:

  • Account and territory potential analysis
  • Bottoms work load analysis to determine resources needed to serve customers
  • Advice to avoid common sizing mistakes such as:
    • Constant percentage of revenue
    • Territory split threshold
    • Grow as you go
    • New product neglect
    • Rob Peter to pay Paul
    • If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it
  • Five sizing tests are considered:
    • Customer
    • Turnover
    • Activities
    • Competition
    • Fiscal
  • Three sizing calculators are considered:
    • Activity
    • Pipeline
    • Return on call
  • A 3-year headcount plan is created
  • No other firm has developed headcount plans for more companies in more industries.
  • SBI’s methods and tools have become standard operating procedure for many of the Fortune 500.
  • The SBI consultants who lead sales force sizing projects are former sales operations directors and have been certified in SBI’s methods.