Understaffed sales teams miss opportunities and fall short of revenue goals. A bloated sales team increases costs and hinders profits. Sales organizational models need to be revisited and restructured to keep up with the needs of the customers. A poorly executed reorganization can result in lost customers and super star reps resignations.

SBI guides you through the reorganization process by producing the following deliverables:

  • Applicability assessment of the seven dominant B2B sales organizational models
  • Specialist versus generalist analysis
  • Structure design and org chart
  • Roles and responsibilities by role
  • Top-down and bottom-up head count model
  • Time study
  • Headcount plan by role
  • Pro forma revenue and cost model
  • Rapid build vs. safety build vs. pay as you go rollout plan
  • No other firm has developed organizational models and headcount plans for more companies in more industries.
  • SBI’s methodology has become standard operating procedure for some of the world’s most successful sales teams.
  • SBI’s consultants are former sales ops directors and have been certified in the use of these methodologies.