The front line sales manager is the most important job in the company, but also the most difficult. The position is the connective tissue between corporate and the field. Poor sales managers with no sales management cadence is sure to cause the number to be missed.

Sales Benchmark Index (SBI) sales management processes focus on:

  • Identifying the division of labor between the sales rep, sales manager, and sales executive. (Productivity suffers when everyone does each other’s job.)
  • Developing a cadence as to how sales managers should spend their time.
  • Developing effective coaching competencies.

  • We are a firm of sales managers. We know what it takes to manage a sales force.
  • SBI is an execution-based firm. We don’t waste time on academic theory. We focus on action.
  • Our sales management clients have earned a reputation for having some of the best sales managers on their team.