Decision makers are making purchase decisions differently today. Traditional sales processes, based on needs development and solution position, will cause the majority of your reps to miss the number. How can you change the process for the better of your company?

SBI’s sales process offering increases win rates and shortens cycles by creating the following:

  • A sales methodology with stage definitions, buyer signals, selling activities and stage exit criteria.
  • A sales playbook with training courseware and job aides.
  • A technology implementation plan to keep administration to a minimum.
  • A certification program inclusive of reinforcement plan, certification process and awards.
  • A gamification program to drive adoption with leaderboards, a point system, technology implementation and field communication plan.
  • Dashboards for sales reps, managers, and executives that track metrics indicative of success and failure.

  • A sales process cannot be built without an understanding of how a customer buys. We invented the buying process map, and we’re constantly refining it.
  • Licensing a sales process from a typical sales training company means your competitors can license the same process, eliminating your competitive edge. In contrast, SBI develops custom sales process. You, the client, own the IP.
  • Our gamification process accomplishes 100% adoption.