Tactics and strategy are often confused for each other. As a result, sales managers develop “flavor of the month” programs that never seem to stick.

The symptoms of the “ready-fire-aim” approach: a lot of activity with minimal results. Without a sales strategy, you may have strong quarters and years, but long-term, you’re bound to experience big slumps as well.

Achieving consistent performance year after year demands having a solid, documented sales strategy.

Sales Benchmark Index (SBI) provides effective sales strategy by:

  • Deploying our award-winning 4-lens approach where data is gathered from:
    • Customers
    • Prospects
    • Corporate executives
    • Sales professionals in the field
  • Analyzing the data to create a 4-step process for:
    • Sales strategy development
    • Go-to-market planning
    • Sales force design
    • Infrastructure building
  • Applying 13 sales performance drivers—in a properly sequenced timeline.

  • The firm’s 4-lens discovery method distinguishes between root cause and symptoms making it entirely unique.
  • Our sales force assessment framework is a proven and trusted tool for developing effective sales strategies.
  • Using our sequenced set of 13 performance drivers results in executable and effective sales strategy.