What is it?

SBI is offering you the annual research report plus a workshop to help you get ready for 2015.  By registering now you get the following:

  1. An 83 page one-of-a-kind report that details how the best sales leaders in the world are making the number.

  2. A one-on-one 90 minute workshop, led by a SBI sales strategist,  which objectively evaluates your sales strategy.

Who is this for? Sales Strategy Workshop

This workshop is offered to the head of sales of a B2B company, and the key members of the sales team.

Why this is worth your time?

Find out:

  1. If you will make your number in 2015.  If yes, why? If no, what you can do about it?
  2. How to keep your job.  Best-in-class sales leaders keep their jobs for 5 years vs. average sales leaders who keep their jobs for 1.5 years. 
  3. How to make more money.  Top sales leaders make $153,126 more than average sales leaders.   


Who is SBI?
SBI is a B2B sales and marketing consulting firm that provides clients access to the best practices from the world’s top producing teams. 

Where is the workshop held? 
The workshop takes place at your office.

How do I register? 
To register, fill out the form on this page.  The workshop coordinator will contact you to schedule.     

Don’t see what you need?  The SBI coordinator, Christina Dieckmeyer, can be reached at 317-750-7443 or at christina.dieckmeyer@salesbenchmarkindex.com.


"I have had SBI to HQ to review their annual research 5 years straight. Each year is better than the last. It is well worth the 90 minute time investment."

John Gleason
EVP of Sales & Marketing, Ryder Systems

"This was a tremendously valuable session. We are planning not only to consider some of the recommendations, but will implement next year and we believe it will make a huge difference in our sales force performance. SBI is a valued partner"
Lisa Chappel
VP Global Sales Operations, Pegasystems

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