The annual HR-driven process is an antiquated process that delivers little value. Sales leaders need to manage performance more aggressively but often don’t have the tools to do so.

Sales leaders struggle with recruiting top performers, onboarding them effectively, retaining them and developing them into future leaders.

SBI helps you source, hire, onboard, train, coach and develop the talent required to execute the sales strategy by producing the following:

  • Hiring profiles
  • Talent assessments
  • Recruiting process
  • Candidate selection process
  • Onboarding plan
  • Sales training program
  • Sales coaching playbook
  • Performance Management program

  • SBI has successfully onboarded hundreds of sales reps and managers for our clients.
  • Our consultants are former heads of sales with experience onboarding sales talent.
  • SBI’s onboarding method is evidenced-based and developed through the deconstruction of dozens of programs.
  • Our approach is field based vs. classroom delivered. There is no better teacher than experience.